“Zip Your Lips, Mommy!”

You know when your child has something to tell you and they’re very serious too? But all you want to do is to laugh?

That happens all the time with my kids. Today it was Emily. It’s often her lately, because at almost 6, she’s at that perfect age.


I was upstairs on my laptop, trying to answer some emails (email is even more crazy than usual this time of year, with the holiday gift guide prep in full swing!) while the little boys napped and Emily walked into the room.

“Mommy!” she says, “Lilly (our 11 year old neighbor) told me what she is getting me for my birthday! It was supposed to be a surprise but she forgot. So she told me and I will tell you and you have to keep it a secret, Mommy, ok? It’s pink paint! Because I am supposed to forget and then it will just be  a secret between you and Lilly. Okay, Mommy? Now zip your lips and keep it a secret! And I will forget!”

I guess I’m not doing such a good job of keeping that secret if I’m sharing that here, huh?


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Erika, the founder of Musings From a SAHM, is happily married with four energetic children. She lives in New Hampshire and has a passion for encouraging other moms, photography, and Jesus. She also enjoys baking, spending time with friends, and attempting to keep her home organized.

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