Snow Day

We’re getting a nice snowstorm here in New England and we woke up to pure white snow that is still steadily falling.

I love snowstorms like this. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. Everything is quiet, aside from the occasional rumbling of the snowplow and the laughter of the children as they sled and build snow forts.

I took this photo of our road last night.

And this morning:
(Yes, there’s a road there. Try and find it!)



Building a snowfort with friends:

Footprints in the snow



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Erika, the founder of Musings From a SAHM, is happily married with four energetic children. She lives in New Hampshire and has a passion for encouraging other moms, photography, and Jesus. She also enjoys baking, spending time with friends, and attempting to keep her home organized.


  1. Charity Lummel

    This makes me miss the snow. I moved from northern Nevada to North West Arkansas, and in NV we used to get snow like this all the time, here in AR they would freak at that much snow. I hope you and your kids have a lot of fun playing in it, I also hope we get to see snowman pics. It looks so beautiful.

  2. It is snowing right now where I live at the beach in central Oregon. It started coming down about an hour ago and we have about 2 inches. The cars that are going down hill have a small traffic jam. So funny! It is wonderful.

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