Tutorial: How to Make a Professional-Looking Email Signature

Do you want a nicer, neater, yet still-fun, email signature and think there’s got to be an easier way to do it? I’ll show you how to do it here.

If I were to send you an email, this is what you would see at the bottom:

A few months ago, I got tired of the same boring signature options and went on a search for tools to make a real signature. I wanted something that would reflect me, yet still be neat and professional.

I found Wisestamp.com, a website that helps you do just that. There are paid fancier versions, but I use the free version and that’s all you’ll need for this tutorial.

Note: I use Gmail so your results may vary slightly, depending on your email provider. You shouldn’t have any issues though.

Download and install WiseStamp:

Go to WiseStamp and click on the green Free Download button:

Follow the instructions for downloading, based on which browser you use. I use Google Chrome and it automatically installed as an extension. If you use Firefox, you will need to download it, then restart Firefox (exit out of the internet browser, then open it again.)

While you’re doing this, sign up for a free Wisestamp account – you’ll need this later when you access their template options.

Open the WiseStamp Editor:

If you have Chrome, look at your toolbar for the new WiseStamp icon.

Click on Edit WiseStamp

This will open the WiseStamp Editor:

Open Templates:

For the easiest signature-creations, I use the Templates option. Unfortunately, there are not as many free templates as there were a few months ago, but luckily, we don’t need super fancy to make a nice signature.

Here is where you can begin to customize it. If you’re computer-savvy or know what you want already, then go have fun. You can skip past the next few steps until you get to the Finish instructions.

For those of you who want more details, I’ll show you how I made my signature.

Choose your template:

I chose the first template.

Add your blog button:

First, we’ll add our logo or blog button. Or whatever you choose.

Click on the little upload image icon:

Customize the text:

Now add your name, blog name, blog link, etc.

Add social media icons:

Click on the Social Icons tab

Add your links – I have Facebook, Twitter, Google +, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Blog RSS feed.

Once you insert the link, the icon will automatically be added to your signture. You will not see the icons right away.

Preview your signature:

Click  the Preview button. You can preview it any time you want to see exactly how it will look in your email.


Once you are finished, there are a couple things you can do.
1) You can keep the WiseStamp extension added to your browser, link up your email account, and WiseStamp will automatically add your updated signature to your email.


2) You can do what I do and add your new signature to your email manually. I access my email on two different computers plus my phone, so this is easier for me. That way I don’t have to worry about a different email version being on different computers.

Simply copy and paste the preview of your new signature into the email signature box within your email.

Once you do this, you can uninstall WiseStamp or “disable” it from your extensions (if you have Chrome) if you don’t want an extra program running in the background.

You’re done!

To edit your signature later on:

You’ll be able to make some basic text changes to your email signature from within your email itself. However if you want to change or add more icons, etc. open the WiseStamp editor, copy and paste your current signature and make changes that way.

Congratulations!  You just made yourself an awesome email signature! 

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About the Author

Erika, the founder of Musings From a SAHM, is happily married with four energetic children. She lives in New Hampshire and has a passion for encouraging other moms, photography, and Jesus. She also enjoys baking, spending time with friends, and attempting to keep her home organized.


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